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Burlington mr frog sweet lemon pastry ro

Burlington's Mr Frog &  Bistro's

Sweet Cakes and Pastries on Lakeshore rd

  • \Orders for Catering , Easter and Custom Cakes accepted

  • Fresh pastries made daily!

Burlington mr frog sweet pastry chocolat
karlik pastry 2.jpg
karliok pastry 5.jpg
karlik pastry.jpg
karlik pastry 3.jpg
Burlington cherry pastry sugar rolls.jpg
Burlington mr frog sweet cookies and tea
karlik pastry 12.jpg
karlik pastry 8.jpg
karlik pastry9.jpg
karlik pastry 6.jpg
karlik pastry 11.jpg
karlik pastries.jpg
bluberry lemon loaf pastry.jpg
large cherry fritter pastry.jpg
apple pastry.jpg
apple mr frog pastry.jpg
poppyseed sweet fritter burlington pastr
Burlington Nut Chocolate Cake.jpg
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